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Best Content Writing Practices for your Site

Online visitors to your site are impatient and insist on instant gratification. It needs to meet their expectations within 3 – 5 seconds or they move on. Design is key to instantly communicating your value. Who you are, what you do

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The 101 of Brand Positioning

Let’s start by defining the word” position” as it pertains to brand building. Positioning is the precursor to building the brand and starts with research. The designer will research the client’s market to find out who and what is out there. This is

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Scientific Evidence of the A-ha! Moment

Scientists prove the existence of the a-ha moment: The "aha" spot: at moments of insight, the brain experiences 40Hz oscillations (gamma waves) over the right anterior temporal lobe and just above the right ear. Which further points to the fact

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10 Tips for Good Web Design.

  One. Ask: What is the WHY? Why do you need one? Follow this by asking WHAT? is the intention? Keep your business vision or mission statement as your GPS as you plan and structure your site.

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A Fresh Approach to Design

Design is evolutionary. Current trends shift with media, political and environmental influences. There is now a greater acceptance for transparent self-expression, and this creative flow has also entered the corporate world. We are overwhelmed by the barrage of information out

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