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Sure, you can design your own site. You can put many hours of work getting past the learning curve to learn to how to build your own site on YouTube and Vimeo. But think about it… why would you? At the end of this, you'll have a learning tool to be sure, but without the expertise of a good web designer, you'll still end up with a cookie-cutter website. On the other hand, hiring a good web designer to design a site that uniquely differentiates you and clearly defines your place in the market will save you valuable time and much-needed money. The GOLD of a good designer is to take the essence of your WHY, WHO & WHAT by using their HOW to translate that in a clever way that powerfully communicates to your market by building your brand presence – in order to increase exposure = sales. Your website is one of the most affordable marketing keystones in your business and should act as a magnet to attract the people you want to do business. So hiring a good designer to build it well just makes good sense. A well-designed website with a well-defined brand is your fundamental keystone from which to build and expand your business success.

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Scientific Evidence of the A-ha! Moment

Scientists prove the existence of the a-ha moment:

aha-moment-bulbThe "aha" spot: at moments of insight, the brain experiences 40Hz oscillations (gamma waves) over the right anterior temporal lobe and just above the right ear. Which further points to the fact that the intuitive, right side of our brain is a portal for leaping out from rational thinking and routine (left brain) to inventive possibility for innovation, creativity and for inventing our future.

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Thinking Outside the Box

This link explains what “outside-the-box” thinking really, really means:

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10 Tips for Good Web Design.


One. Ask: What is the WHY?

Why do you need one? Follow this by asking WHAT? is the intention? Keep your business vision or mission statement as your GPS as you plan and structure your site. Read more ›

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A Fresh Approach to Design

Design is evolutionary. Current trends shift with media, political and environmental influences. There is now a greater acceptance for transparent self-expression, and this creative flow has also entered the corporate world. We are overwhelmed by the barrage of information out there that we’ve learned to block out a lot of it. There is now a fresher, less scripted approach in communication. Information that is relevant to us gets noticed. As the recipient, we are touched, moved and inspired. The jargon of rules, regulations and protocol are being replaced with:

1. Authenticity  2. Clarity  3. Continuity

1. Authenticity. When you speak your truth, you will be heard more clearly as it comes from a place of personal conviction. This invites authentic dialogue. Personalizing your message to reflect your personal opinion will attract a more attentive audience. Take away the script, speak one’s truth and be wary of using jargon and platitudes in your web message.

2. Clarity. Keep your message simple – keep it clear, concise + easily understood. In design, an ample use of empty space sets the stage for the message to be heard. Minimize the distractions of visual “noise”by only using images that further clarifies the message. Match the written voice with the appropriate font.

3. Continuity. Your message is the same with whatever platform you are on – in print and web media. Use the same font across platforms in order to define your voice with consistency. Position your nav bars on the same place on your website.

A less scripted, more authentic vocal presence will inspire personal connectivity through heartfelt rapport and create credibility + trust with an engaged audience.

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