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How to Make your Brand Statement

In this post we’ll talk about getting to the heart of your business by looking at the intrinsic essentials of your brand, which go well beyond the design of a good logo. Let’s start with asking: What aspirations and motivations are behind your business?

When developing a brand, it’s important to incorporate your values and goals because it becomes part of what differentiates you in the market. This is further elaborated in your mission statement and your vision statement.

YOUR MISSION STATEMENT: defines the purpose of your work and the statement you want to make in the world. It distills your mandate and the approach you follow to achieve the aspirations you have – for yourself, your organization, and your business. Think of your mission as the route you’ll follow to achieve your long term goals.

YOUR VISION STATEMENT: is more specific than the mission statement. It defines your long-term goals and aspirations for the company, and touches on the values of your organization. It covers the actionable goals you want to achieve, such as the services it provides.

To start, create a list of values you deem important both personally and professionally. Think about the intrinsic reasons why your business exists. What inspired you to start? The more authentic you are, and the deeper you go to get to your WHY? you are in business, the more it will resonate with your clients.

BRAND BUILDINGThe brand is a key statement within the surrounding culture; the more you tune in to the changing world around you, the more your brand will remain current and relevant.
Similar to the vision and mission statements, you’ll also need a brand statement. A brand statement is a summary of what your brand offers. How woulthen

d you summarize it in a sentence? Think about the products associated with the brand, and what they offer the consumer. Your brand statement should again touch on the intrinsic values of the company. Next is your brand promise, your biggest consumer facing statement. What are you promising your customers when they invest in your brand? And most importantly, why choose your brand over others? Get input – it helps to see your company from different eyes, from consumer to manager and even outside sources. Think of your brand character. What are the physical and non-physical attributes of your brand?

Going forward, in the process of building the mission and vision statements – it’s vital that you remain true to the values behind your message. Commit to that by spreading the message internally within the company and externally to the world at large. You’ll have the makings of a solid brand foundation.

And remember: consistency and continuity are key to creating clarity in the overall message.

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