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Provoke Your Own Curiosity. Ignite Your Own Creative Process.

“How the hell do you start igniting your divine spark?” so asks Ms. Beak on page two of her book,
“The Red Book: A Deliciously Unorthodox Approach to Igniting Your Divine Spark.”
Lick your chops with good reading as she valiantly tries to unravel some of the mysteries behind the magic of the universe. Start by setting your intention, which is, as she puts it, “a bit like offering an invocation to the universe. When your inner desire aligns with your outer experience, that is where magic, mystery and coincidence are found.

She claims to have the match to light your divine spark. Reading it has certainly lit mine. She writes: “Becoming responsible for my self, for the vibe I give off, feels, well, downright heroic.” That stance is an act of courage, particularly during times when one’s vibe is on fire, or when you are witnessing your own shooting psychic bullets at anything around you when in fear. Being the witness to it ALL is the only way through. By recognizing what IS versus the illusion of what is can set you free. And recognizing that existential moment when you realize how powerful living your life in the present moment really is. It’s that point of power of realizing you have choice. Make time for this read as you may not want to put this book down.

Contact me if you want to talk further about this over coffee, or if it’s after 5, a nice glass of red wine.

Laurie Kingdon
Creative Director | Outside-the-Box Graphics

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