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Four Rules of Good Communication

Four Rules of Good Communication:

Keep your message simple enough to remember but with enough impact so people will want to share it.

1. Authenticity  2. Clarity  3. Continuity 4. Consistency

1. Authenticity: When you speak your truth, people will listen if it comes from a place of personal conviction. This invites authentic dialogue. Personalizing your message to sound less like marketing and about relevant stories and experiences will attract a more receptive audience. So that what you say and who you are is the same. We hunger for transparent honesty and authentic self-expression, even in the corporate world, toward a fresher, less scripted message… starting with good conversations and stories that touch our hearts and stir our soul.

2. Clarity: Your message is clear, concise + easily understood. Make clever use of white space to set the stage and allow room for the message to be heard. Minimizing the distraction of visual “noise”in order to cohesively align the elements together. Matching the voice with the appropriate font.

3. Continuity: Your message should be have continuity no matter what platform you are on. This is the hallmark of good branding. Use the same font across platforms. The repeated use of the logo as the visual voice of the business builds brand presence across all print and web media platforms.

4. Consistency: While underrated, consistency in design is about drilling down the message so it is the same across all platforms, from the business card to the website and everything in between. Keeping the message and design consistent and with  continuity goes a long way to building credibility, reliability and trust. Consistency is the thread that cohesively ties together elements in a single design from a single campaign to a full-on brand strategy.

Coming from a less scripted, more authentic place will bode well to inspire dialogue through clear communication and create credibility + trust with an engaged audience.

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