Your brand distills the essence of your business and the right brand provides strong positioning with a clear message. Answer only the questions that apply to you. Fill in as much detail as possible. Enjoy the process!

    Do you need a tagline or tagline update?

    Do you need a Mission or Vision Statement?
    This is often found in a business plan if one is available

    Check which of the following are you most interested in to build your business:

    Where does your current client base reside?

    YOUR VALUES: principles or standards of behaviour; what is important in life.

    Your Unique Value: how are you differentiated in your market?

    How long do you see yourself in business?

    What words would you like your clients and customers to use to describe you? Click 5.

    Who is your Client Base:

    How soon do you need these services?

    How involved do you want to be in the design process?

    Good Work! Clarity in communication produces excellent results. You can now send, let go and relax. You earned it!