What's a Discovery Session and Why You Want One.

What's your pain point? What needs attention in your business? Start with an issue that needs attention then get to the nitty gritty. Flush out solutions by pulling out all the stops. Then build the roadmap.

What to Expect in a Discovery Session.

A typical discovery session takes an hour give or take. It’s most often between two people – and occasionally three or more – from our team or yours. We get to the root of an issue. We listen, learn then jump in. This dialogue gives rise to other ideas and outside-the-box solutions by pulling out all the stops. The dialogue between the giver and receiver opens things up, allowing both parties to look at the issue from different perspectives.

Most times a one off session is all that is needed. A common theme is finding the right marketing ideas for a business. Occasionally we may need another session as once the seed is planted, we mull it over and other ideas rise to the surface. You can count on us for that.

The purpose is to bring clarity over confusion. Review, refresh, renew and reset. To see what unfolds. In under an hour. We help you dig for that solution.