Infographics add visual appeal and instantly attract the attention of your market because they provide information that pertains to their area of interest with your area of expertise. Infographics also enhance your credibility as it further aligns you as an industry expert.

Four Tips when Designing an Infographic:

1. Be brief.

Be clear about the intention – the point you want to get across. Simplify the message to one or two ideas. Clarify the message with visuals then elaborate with titles and short sentences. Pick a colour theme to drive the point home. 

2. Tell the Story.

Once the research is collected, the designer distills the data into a visual story by means of words, graphs, charts and visual images. The information is grouped into sections, then designed in a vector graphic. Words and visual aids are further developed and refined.

3. Align the story to the brand.

Through discussion between the client and the designer, the message is aligned to the brand. Colour and font choice help define the visual impact and tone of the message.

4. Spread the message.

Get the Message Out: the finished infographic needs to be communicated on the website and on social media channels such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. These links to your social media channels are backlinks that work to increase exposure through sharing your message as well as builds your brand presence. They are also highly effective as print ads through posters.