Label Design for IQ Balance

Project: Hot Arusha Sauces

This project started with the design of 6 labels but with the success of this product in the retail market, it was  expanded to 9. We started with the logo design. Each illustration was then created in a hand-sketched style in order to convey the tactile freshness of the product.The flames behind the illustration were added to convey the hot sauces while the yellow border created consistency between flavours.


+ Branding/Identity
+ Label Design
+ Logo Design
+ Hand Illustration

The Challenge

The client Iqbal Ishani wanted a series of label designs for his array of hot sauces which were passed down from his mother in Arusha, Africa. He was selling his product at Farmer’s Markets but wanted to expand his market into the retail sector.

The Solution

The design team conducted research with a visit to the local stores to find out about the key players in this market so as to design a label that was clearly differentiated.

We decided on a design that was fresh, using hand-lettered fonts and custom illustration. We started by designing a logo that stands out well against the fiery illustration. From there, the illustrator made a series of sketches that were stylistically consistent. We chose a color palette that ensured each sauce was differentiated but complimentary.

We set out to get the attention we were looking for in the retail market. Not only did we achieve this, we ended up being accepted by Whole Foods Inc. where our products can be found.
Iqbal Ishanti, CEO