The 101 of Brand Positioning

brand_position700Let’s start by defining the word” position” as it pertains to brand building. Positioning is the precursor to building the brand and starts with research. The designer will research the client’s market to find out who and what is out there. This is part of the discovery process as it feeds the designer’s creative process for building the logo in order to differentiate their business in the market. The designer will listen to the client’s why – the fire in their belly as to why they got started in their business. A good designer will listen to the client’s story then begin jotting down visual clues about the unique features in their market. This is followed by listening to what differentiates their business in their market so they clearly have a place. To position them against their competition.

Positioning involves finding an untapped interest, want or need in the buyer’s minds and filling it with your distinctive offering.

The key to your market position is your point of difference – also known as your point of distinction or your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Being different isn’t enough to build a positioning strategy. For a brand to be built well, preparation through research in the marketplace is key.

Create a Distinction Statement. This includes your name, description of the business, the offer, and the benefits. This will include using words such as best, first, only, most-recommended, or highest ranking. Examples include: “local residents with global mindsets, gluten-free bakery, language-learning mobile app., low-sugar energy bar. Finally, include the customer’s emotional outcome such as, secure, successful, self-confident or indulged.

Match your position to your brand’s experience.

In nearly every brand category, competitors vie for position to be the friendliest, the highest quality, to offer the lowest prices, or to excel in any other attribute. Yet only one brand prevails. So what tips the customer’s perception toward their brand of choice? Firsthand experience. To stake a claim to your brand’s point of difference and position, ensure every encounter delivers on the brand promise. If your focus is economy, create a warehouse experience. If it’s exclusivity, excel at individualized services and second-to-none responsiveness.

To win and hold your position in your consumer’s mind, remind people of your attractive, compelling distinctions every time they brush up against any facet of your brand.



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