Hand Lettering

In my spare time, which is coveted, I like to indulge in hand-lettering. To shape letters in ways I have only imagined and to play more with colour, pattern and composition. to force myself to take the time to indulge in this, I signed up for another year with the Envelope Exchange through the West Coast Calligraphy Society. You are obligated to calligraphically design an envelope once a month from a list of 12 names. By the end of the year, you’ll have designed and received 11 envelopes. It’s an amazing form of creative expression and pushes one to try new lettering techniques. I spend hours creating the right envelope. My current obsession has been using a pipette to create a loose, spontaneous flow in letter-shaping. Added to this is making sure the viscosity – the thickness of the ink – is right so as to have some control with the flow. I will use different colours within the pipette which creates an unexpected variation in the colour. I’ll add iridescent acrylic in the ink which highlights areas in the letters.

Here’s my design of this year’s Christmas card. The lettering is loosely based on the Neulands lettering style, but with an added twist. I initially wanted the colours to be green and red to reflect a Christmas theme, but the red markers I had came out orange-looking, so I simply sent this ecard as is.