Good design is first and foremost a process of strategic thinking. We begin by looking at what you have in order to clear out what isn’t working with what is, then aligning it to your big picture of success. We get to the essentials of what you need to succeed by asking the right questions in order to point the design flow in the right direction. The next step is to build a list of things the design must do to answer the objective. As your business grows, so do your business needs. We work with your budget so that as your business grows, we can grow your website with it. We discuss options to get you where you want to go, using a business strategy as road map to get you there.

Brand Development & Re-branding

Your logo is the pivotal point from which all your  marketing demands flow and must align with your business vision. It’s your  when you are not there. Prior to beginning the design process, we begin with a questionnaire which targets key questions in order to define design direction.

Website Design

Your website is your online store by which your market sees you. One of the objectives when building your site is to increase brand recognition in order to stand out from your competition. It’s our job to arouse the curiosity of your online viewer when they get to your site so they’ll want to learn more about you. Another objective is to promote and drive traffic to your business.

Once your site is built, you will need SEO support to attract the attention of online traffic and to engage your audience to keep your rankings high. For clients with existing sites, we provide standard SEO packages.

Depending on the package levels, these services may include:
Internet marketing strategy report  |  Setting up Google Analytics |  Placing your website on a Google Map
• Keyword research
• Writing and placing meta tags
• Landing page strategy
Optimizing content which can include:
• Internal linking
• Header tag optimization
• Keyword placement
• Alt tags on images

Print Media

Print Media provides additional touch points to reach your audience and further supports your message.
These print media can be grouped in cost saving print design packages or separately.

Business cards | Letterhead | Brochures | Postcards | Posters