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Writing Good Website Content

The content in your email correspondence and on your website defines your online voice when you can’t be there. Is your message clear and align with your brand? Your landing page needs to match the message and context of your ad so that it meets your visitors expectations. Continuity of message and brand reassures your visitor they are in the right place.

10 Rules for good website content writing:

1. Start with your WHY. What is the site’s purpose, the Call to Action. Have one goal.

2.  What: Clarity about what you want to say is key.

3. Who: know who you are speaking to. Your audience. Your market.

4. Brevity: get to the point. Cut your descriptive language. Less packs a punch. Google’s rules have changed. We no longer need to write a minimum of 300 words filled with keyword content just to be better positioned on Google. Cut ’til it hurts.
5. Tone – a conversational tone makes the reader feel included in the conversation while being informed. The best conversations get personal. Does your voice come from a place of knowing? Does it hold a position of authority – as an industry leader? Do you address relevant issues people want to know about in your market?
6. Relevance – make the reader feel it’s worthwhile to read.
7. Avoid jargon and generic filler words.
8. Avoid “insider” language of your industry. You might think your “shop talk” positions you as an expert in your field, but it often alienates the reader.
9. Spell Check. You lose credibility as a thought leader when your content has typos and incorrect grammatical syntax. Proof read twice before hitting the SEND button. Those extra few seconds are worth the time. And if the letter is important and designed to make a good impression – consider putting it aside then finishing it later
10. Consistency and continuity in your message = clarity in communication, a sure-fire way to build credibility and position yourself as a thought leader in your market.
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