You need a spark to start a fire. That’s the passion piece. This is what will sustain you when inspiration deserts you and doubts engulf your daily life.  
~ Jeff Bullas

Laurie Kingdon, principal + creative director lives in Vancouver, BC. I bring over 20 years experience as a graphic designer, followed by 7 years experience in website design. I've been obsessed with good design since I was 20.

My life’s work is to position and strengthen the client’s brand presence with consistency + continuity across all platforms to ensure clarity and instill credibility in one's message. We are our brand. My mandate is to compile all the elements that define the brand in order to establish the client’s unique place and voice in their market.

I work with a team with unique skill sets for each project. The team consists of a web developer, an SEO expert and a market research marvel who provides the designer with accurate facts and figures so we have a good understanding of the client’s market in order to discover their uniqueness and how they are best differentiated in that market. 

"To leave each client ecstatic with the end result."

• To invite innovation and outside-the-box thinking by igniting the creative spark between client + designer.
• To incorporate the client's own spark in the design process.
• To acknowledge that the solution often lies beyond the void.

• UBC ~ BA with a Major in Art + Architecture History
• Vancouver Community College ~ Certificate in Digital Graphics
• Conestoga College ~ 3 year Graphic Design Studies
• Emily Carr College of Art (now Emily Carr University) ~ 3 years of graphic design + printmaking studies
• Cariboo College (now Thompson Rivers University) ~ Diploma: Advertising + Public Relations

When MY finger is on the pulse, I like:  Laurie_kingdon_bike-smRiding my 250 cc Honda Rebel which provides me wings to fly. I'm passionate about art + architecture history, urban studies and our local architectural landmarks, photography, iIllustration, printmaking and calligraphy. Check out my Pinterest page!
My current obsession is hand-lettering which allows for a more personal, human expression against slick and often sterile graphics.

Favorite Expression:
That’s a WOW with a capital WHEE!

Favorite Quote:
My own – Know where you are not in order to know where you are.
The greatest opportunity is where you are.

West Coast Calligraphy Society since 2007
Landmark Worldwide – The Landmark Forum and Advanced Course | The Seminar Series | Coached in the Self-Expression + Leadership Program | Communications – Access to Power  and completion of the Advanced Communications course.