Finding Your Place


 Start with Where You Are.  Strengthen What You’ve Got. Or Build a Better One.

Your brand defines your place in the market. The starting point to building a brand is based on an authentic connection to one’s core values. Whether you need strengthening your brand or are planning to revisit an existing one, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll look at how your business is positioned in the market you serve then build a roadmap that leads to the goals you want to achieve.

A clear brand strategy helps you communicate with consistency and continuity to your market and provides direction every step of the way as the business grows and prospers. This clarity makes it easy to navigate your business. What do you want to accomplish? Be specific. The answer is vital to igniting the way to building the foundation and roadmap for future success. We’ll drill down your unique story as the authentic heart of the business so as to define your position in your market. When all pieces are aligned, the trajectory for massive success is ensured.

By the end of the brand process, you will have a full clarity + understanding of your place in the market you serve.



When define the purpose and story behind the business to build the foundation and roadmap that aligns to your goals.

• Brand Story: Get to the Why
• Brand Name: Finding a Name that Clicks
• Brand Identity: The Logo + Tagline
• Brand Visuals: Aligning the Image + Photo to the Brand
• Brand Voice: Rev Your Engine
• Brand Promise
• Brand Launch


The images, logos, photos and designs you use to promote your business make up your visual brand. Your visual brand tells the story of your business, including your company's values, personality and purpose, and it can be one of the best tools you have to communicate with customers.

• Logo Design: symbol + font choice
• Logo Placement
• Color
• Photography that aligns with your brand
• Infographics
• Images
• Design Style


The website is the place your client goes to find more about you beyond the business card. Create a prominent place in the market by establishing a credible digital presence that clarifies your offer.

• Designing the Site: Gathering Brand Elements
• Sitemap
• Call to Action
• Social Media: Getting the Word Out
• Brand Message: Web Content
• Site Launch: Announcing Yourself to the World
• Post-Website Maintenance


Print that considers your brand in the design process.

• Business Cards
• Post Cards
• Rack Cards
• Brochures
• Flyers
• Posters
• Stationery
• Signage
• Banners


A brand guide pulls it all together - from the tone of voice on the website to the font, colour scheme, logo size, etc. Consistency builds trust - which opens the door to start a conversation.

• Font Style, Colour, Size
• Logo Application
• Color Theme
• Brand Message: Voice + Tone


Wow your audience with a slideshow that uses a full range of visual tools, imagery and fonts to inform and engage.

• Keynote
• Prezi
• PowerPoint
• Speech Writing
• Content Writing
• Matching Image/Photo to Brand
• Animation
• Infographics that Elaborate Content

“Every brand makes a promise. But in a marketplace in which consumer confidence is low and budgetary vigilance is high, it’s not just making a promise that separates one brand from another, but having a defining purpose.”

Allen Adamson, Chairman of the North America region of brand consulting and design firm Landor Associates.