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Outside-the-Box Graphics finds inventive, outside-the-box solutions to clearly define and differentiate your business in the market.

The Logo
Your logo is the visual voice and magnet of your business and is the pivotal point and foundation from which all your print + web media arise. It sets the tone and nuance of who you are with what you do so must be designed with clarity of intent so as to clearly communicate to your tribe – the people with whom you do business.

The Website
Your website is your online storefront and should be easy to navigate and designed with continuity and consistency using your logo as beacon in order to clarify your offer and simplify the viewer’s experience. A clear call to action acts to direct traffic and leads your viewer to your offer, provides clarity in your message which in turn builds credibility an trust. A well-designed site provides continuity throughout all areas of the design process enables your business message to be consistent and strengthens your position in the market.

Why Us?
Our team is driven to find a unique solutions for each client as no two clients are alike. We do not provide cookie cutter solutions – instead, we think “outside-the-box” to allow our clients to stand out in a competitive landscape. From branding to print media to web design, we start by listening to what inspired the client to go into business, then translate their story into a consistent design strategy. The client’s own creativity is often sparked at this time which further fuels the creative process, resulting in unique, fresh solutions that clarify, differentiate and strengthen the client’s place in the market.